Assault 4

This case was a difficult one because the alleged victim had completely fabricated a story, stating that my client had punched him in the face and then thrown bricks at his property. My client, who was asleep in his home at the time that the incident had allegedly taken place, had no witnesses to confirm his side of the story. Still, we were able to undermine the prosecution's case effectively and the jury returned a not guilty verdict.

Resisting Arrest

Police officers unlawfully entered my client's home without a warrant. When the defendant did not consent to a search she stood in the way of the officers and was arrested. She was later charged with resisting arrest. We challenged the police entry into her home and a District Court Judge threw out the evidence against my client. The prosecutor was forced to dismiss the charge.

Driving Under the Influence

My client was stopped by a police officer late at night after being seen driving out of a local bar parking lot. After following my client the officer decided to pull over my client for an obstructed license plate. We moved to suppress all evidence gathered from the stop, including a breath test over the legal limit. A Clark County District Court Judge found the stop to be improper and granted my motion to suppress all evidence. The case was dismissed.